December 2012

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Compliments to the Crew – December 10, 2012

When Ryan and I returned home from our trip to the British Virgin Islands we both realized that it was the best trip that we had ever been on. We have travelled quite extensively so that is really saying a lot! The beauty of the islands is undeniable and somewhat expected. However what certainly exceeded our expectations was what Neil and Karen were able to add to the enjoyment of our trip.

Neil is the consummate captains  He is utterly competent with his knowledge of sailing, the local as well as international waters but also knows where and even more importantly WHEN to get the most out of the BVI’s. He took us to the best hiking, snorkeling, diving spots, restaurants and beach bars the islands had to offer.

Karen is the consummate chef! She never ceased to amaze us with what she could produce out of such compact kitchen. There was just one gourmet meal after the next! All 6 of us on the charter agreed that the dining could not have been any better.

Aside from Neil and

“We had such a great time sailing the BVI with Festiva, Captain Kirk and Chef Kenetha…” – December 11, 2012

We had such a great time sailing the BVI with Festiva, Captain Kirk  and Chef Kenetha. They took excellent care of us, made sure each of us had the experience we wanted, whether it was sailing to Anegada, snorkeling The Indians, hanging out at the Soggy Dollar and Ivan’s or enjoying fabulous meals.   Both of them truly understand how to give great service and are caring giving people, while keeping us safe.   Thank you both such a memorable trip.


“This was my first trip in the BVI’s …” -November, 2012

“This was my first trip in the BVI’s and my expectations were wide open as to what kind of vacation I was going to have.”

“Now that I am back home and reflecting on my time with Neil and Karen….hands down this was the best vacation I have ever had.  I can honestly say that Neil and Karen’s experience with the islands, sailing and all-around-attentiveness contributed to my overall enjoyment of my time in the BVI’s.
When you start on an island hopping adventure…you don’t know what you don’t know.  Having an experienced guide like Neil who listens to the type of vacation you want and then tailors the schedule of where you stop, when your day starts and what activities you’ll do led to me having a vacation of a lifetime tailored to all of the fun things I wanted to do every day….all day.  And no one could be luckier to have Karen on their boat.
My mind is still wondering how she could possibly be spinning five-star cuisine out of such a small galley and after being ...(continued)
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