February 2013

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Jost Van Dyke… A Pain Killing Good Time

Jost Van Dyke is one of the most popular destinations to see in the British Virgin Islands. With less than 200 inhabitants, the island is thriving with local must-see attractions.
What our guests remember the most is, The Soggy Dollar Bar. Renowned for the infamous rum concoction, “The Painkiller.”
Our crew members have nearly perfected the recipe, making it unmistakably similiar to its creators idea of a delicious cocktail.
Aside from bars and shops, this island is flourising with natural, protected anchorages where if you look closely, you might just find a whale or dolphin nearby. With its rich history and local folklore involving wild tales of pirates and sunken treasures, ask your crew about the merciless Dutch pirate, Jost Van Dyke and his battle with passing ships!
To enjoy your very own soggy experience, try exiting your luxurious catamaran when you arrive by leaving the dinghy behind, put a dollar (or two) in your swimsuit and swim or float into shore. Once you purchase your Painkiller, make sure that dollar is nice and soggy! Or, if you are looking

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