June 2015

The following posts were authored during June 2015 and are organized chronologically starting with the most recent.

We now have a new Caribbean dining menu!

If you are looking for some fresh, Caribbean flavor look no further. A recent guest of ours who visited the British Virgin Islands commented that they were blown away by the quality of the food that one of our chefs prepared in such a small galley and said the service was first class. If you have ever been on a sailing vacation or on a yacht at all, you will be interested to see how well the small space of the galley is used! Our chefs are highly qualified to prepare the most amazing meals in confined spaces! To top it off, the meals are fantastic. One menu item that remains a popular favorite and the most requested is the traditional rotie. A rotie is a simple dish with Caribbean flair as it is paired with a delicious chutney. It’s definitely a must try!

We are always wanting to keep our menu fresh and updated as all of our food is supplied locally and always fresh. Take a look at the 2015/2016 menu. The best thing about our menu is ...(continued)

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